My name is Cristina Orchulli. I am a New York City mother of two who is married to my best friend Andrew. My son Jack was born in August 2014 and soon after came my daughter Charlotte in December 2015.

After working in the fashion industry in design, public relations and merchandising, I decided to leave my job to start a family and focus on raising my kids. I feel very fortunate and lucky that I get to be at home with my kids everyday and spend time with them however I have always known that I wanted to create something for myself. Aside from my family I have a major love and obsession with fashion- the amazing designers, how it is constantly changing, the beautiful fabrics and people, putting outfits together and reading about the latest trends. While constantly being stopped by random people regarding my personal style as well as my kid’s style, I decided I wanted to create a platform to inspire people and express my taste and inspirations. I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and I always love to hear feedback!