A new makeup brand that I am loving right now is Milk. I discovered the line at Sephora. I recognized the logo because when I worked in fashion and event production when I first moved to New York, I would help with some of the fashion shows that were held at Milk Studios in meatpacking. Same company, same logo. All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free and made with the best possible ingredients. No bad chemicals or other “stuff”! I have become very particular about what I put on my face and

I do not collect many things. Aside from fashion (clothing, shoes, accessories) I am a girl who hates clutter and I love giving things away, throwing things away and cleaning out my STUFF. One thing I am very passionate and proud of  though is my book collection. I love a beautiful coffee table book, specifically those about fashion and design influencers and artists that I love. I have been collecting books for years. I have so many now that I have to store some because my bookshelf is not large enough to put

Down in Tribeca

I am in love with Lingua Franca’s cashmere sweaters. Each sweater is hand embroidered with an iconic line…many from hip hop lyrics. Since I live in Tribeca and love living in this part of the city, I thought this one best suited me! Lingua Franca also does kid’s sweaters too which are so cute! I just got one for Jack and can not wait to shoot him in it. You can directly contact the company via Instagram to order a sweater or you can find the brand at Saks Fifth

One of my favorite brands for nursery decor details is Tamar Mogendorff. I love her whimsical creations, especially when looking for a baby girl or little girls room. When searching for objects for my children’s rooms I try to find unique items that evoke fantasy and imagination. I especially love the wall mounts Tamar makes such as the swan, the unicorn head and the deer head (purchase below). Her items are very neutral so can mix and match with whatever other colors you are working around. In Charlottes room I used

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